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Friday, March 16


In Li-mmud for Flamenco? Connections in Early Jewish and Gypsy Music TBAKevin Coleman • Joseph Darensbourg • Daniella Santoro Jerusalem Dreams TBAJacqueline Nicholls Shalom Y’All: A Documentary on Southern Jewish Life TBA The Cool Jews of the Smithsonian's American Cool Exhibit TBAJoel Dinerstein Under the Big Top: Jews in the Circus, Burlesque, and the Variety Arts TBATrixie Minx • Liza Rose What Is Jewish Art? TBADashka Roth "Transparent" Revealed: What Can This Multi-Award-Winning TV Series Teach Us About Jewish Life, Sexuality and Israel? TBARafi Zarum #MeToo – A Jewish Response? TBADeborah SIlver 23 and Us: Jews, Genes, and Identity TBAKaren Weissbecker Remer Are Jews White? TBARebecca Mark Beyond Animal Rights: Making Sense of the Best Relationships We Can Have with Animals TBADavid Seidenberg Can One Jew Repair the World? How You Can Move Your Jewish Institution to Environmental Activism TBAJudy Seldin-Cohen From “Jew vs. Jew” to “Me and You”: Working Toward Pluralism TBADana Keren Guns ‘n (Ha)Roses: Experiences of a Jewish FBI Agent TBAHIllary Rossman In Search of the Male Shiksa: One Millennial Jew’s Tale of Interfaith and Interracial Dating TBASophie Unterman Making Peace Where There Is Strife: A Jewish Look at De-Stressing TBARachel Stern Praying and Paying: The Marginal Cost of Being Jewish TBAToni Weiss The Mikvah and You (Yes, You!) TBAGabe Greenberg • Lynne Wasserman The State of Their Hate: Anti-Semitism in 2018 and What We Are Doing to Combat It TBAAaron Ahlquist We’re All in this Together: Creating a Full Culture of Inclusion TBAMeredith Polsky A Cup of Fun: Adding Joy to Your Holiday Traditions TBABetty Lazarus Best Practices in Inclusive Congregational School Education TBAMeredith Polsky Helping Children with Disabilities Deal with Grief and Other Challenges TBAMeredith Polsky How to Have a Super Seder this Pesach TBARafi Zarum I and Thou: Creating a 21st Century Jewish Sexual Ethic TBADanya Ruttenberg Nurture The Wow: Parenting as a Spiritual Practice TBADanya Ruttenberg Once Upon Our Stories TBASarah Rivkin Teaching Life Skills As a Strategy for Classroom Management TBARachel Stern To Worry or Not to Worry? Jewish Parenting in a Complicated World TBANancy Timm Who's Your Abba? A How-To on Tracing your European Ancestors TBALonnie Zarum Schaffer Jewish Food Politics: Whatever Happened to the Hekhsher Tzedek? TBADaniel Mintz Judaism and Vegetarianism - The Real vs the Ideal TBAGabe Greenberg Keeping Kosher in a Creole and Cajun World TBAPoppy Tooker Let's Make Streudel Together TBABetty Lazarus Not Your Zayde’s Pastrami on Rye: New Jewish Food Entrepreneurs of New Orleans TBAGary Ptak • Rachel Ruth You Knead This! Challah: A Doughy Discussion TBANoam Yaillen Bestiary of Fear: Drawing Workshop TBAJacqueline Nicholls Creation and Destruction: Experimenting with Clay TBASuzy Glazer Lazarus Fly Circus Space Circus Arts Workshop TBALiza Rose Free Association Doodling: Drawing on the Jewish Roots of Dada TBAHannah Chalew Passover Paperart TBAPeter Seltzer Visioning Creation through Collage: A Hands-On Workshop TBABarry Ivker Weaving Together Our Stories: A Hands-on Workshop TBAClaire Beauchamp Women and Watercolors TBAShoshana Madick Yoga for the Soul TBAAmanda Rubinstein-Stern Reformulating 'Jesus & the Jews' over the Centuries: Persistent Failures of the 'Cafeteria' Approach'" TBAMichael Cook The Auschwitz Classroom: Learning, Teaching and Understanding Empathy and Coexistence in 20th-Century Poland TBASarah Cramsey Torah Scrolls Have A Life of Their Own: The Perilous Journey of the Torah Scroll MST-501 TBAPaul Aharon • Steven Leonard Jacobs What Could Have Been: A Discussion of Women in Judaism TBASuzanne Stone When Law Is Used Against the Jews: Judaism, Racism, and a Sense of Justice TBAMichael Rubin Israel Delegitimization & BDS: What You Need to Know TBAZachary Schaffer Reclaiming and Reaffirming Zionism as a Progressive Cause TBAZachary Schaffer Resilience in the Face of Chronic Trauma: Lessons from Israel TBARon Marks Swords Into Plowshares: Building Partnerships Between Jewish and Arab Citizens of Israel TBAMartha Freedman • Lee Gordon The Disarming Power of Narrative: How Storytelling Can Transform our Conversations about Israel TBAZachary Schaffer A World of EnCHANTment: Comparing Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu Chants TBANeil Schwartz Co-Write a Song with Distant Cousins TBADistant Cousins Klezmer: Jewish Jazz? TBAMark Rubin • Ben Schenck Leonard Bernstein’s Broadway – A Centennial Celebration TBAGeorge Dansker The Beatles and Sgt. Pepper (and the Group’s Little Known Jewish Connections) TBABruce Spizer “The Pen of the Soul”: Jewish Melodies and Niggunim TBAJennie Lavine "Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue": Judges, Courts, Partiality and Due Justice TBASimone Levine • David Howard Sinkman Our Forgotten Brothers and Sisters: Tales from Behind Bars TBAYossie Nemes Sanctuary: An Interfaith Response to Supporting Immigrants TBADavida Finger • Congress of Day Laborers • Darcy Roake The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory through Today: Jews and the Labor Movement TBAAlysse Fuchs • Rebecca Waxman Tikkun Olam and Community Development in New Orleans: Case Studies from Natives and Newcomers TBAAmy Barad • Amanda Kruger Hill • Jeffrey Schwartz Help Me Design the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience TBAKenneth Hoffman Krauss: The New Orleans Value Store TBAEdward Branley • Hugo Kahn Rapture, Antichrist, 666, Armageddon: Explaining Southern Evangelical Theology TBAMichael Cook The Power of One in a World Made by Duke: Why Confronting Hate is More Important than Ever TBAAnne Levy • Lawrence Powell They Like Us! They Really Like Us? Christian Zionism in the South TBALarry Brook “The Home”: The Institution that Put NOLA on the Jewish Map TBANed Goldberg Caring for the Dead: Why Do I Need a Chevra Kadisha? TBASandy Lassen Connecting to Stillness Through Ritual TBAGael Thompson Expansive Prayer: Queering Our Concept of Blessings and Prayer TBADani Levine Kabbalah and Ecology: Creating a World Where All Beings Are Respected and the World Is Cherished TBADavid Seidenberg Qu’ran and Torah: Closer than You Think TBALou Furman • Osman Kazan • Fuat Ozdogan Rending Cloth and Heart: Tearing and Tears TBAJanet Madden Sh’ma Yisrael: The Jewish Declaration of the Unity of All Teaching, Dialogue, and Experience TBAT’mimah Audrey Ickovits Spirituality, Trauma, and Resilience TBAKathy Regan Figley Strengths of the Soul: Finding Your Soul Powers TBARivkie Chesney Taking Leave: Our Evolving Relationship with the Departed TBAMendel Ceitlin The Spirituality of Changing Your Mind: A Jewish Approach to Solid Fluidity TBAAlexis Berk Torah Tanzen: Roadmaps to the Heart TBARae Horton What Is This Thing We Call Spirituality? TBARon Marks Who (Exactly) Art Thou? Getting to Know God TBATodd Silverman A Taste of Teamwork TBAEthan Katz • Joanna Moody You Jew You TBARachel Laufer "The Enigma of the Torah": A Staged Reading TBAPenny Bright • Helen Stone Ecclesiastes TBAMatthew Reimer Ethics in Government: What Jewish Sources Tell Us TBABill Dauster Game of Thrones: Biblical Style Jewish Community CenterJudy Chessin Ghosts & Shadows: The Women Who Haunt The Talmud TBAJacqueline Nicholls Government Power: Mixed Feelings on Kingship in the Hebrew Bible TBABill Dauster Hidden in the Hagaddah: Exploring the Puzzles of Pesach TBARonna Burger Politics and Prophets, Then and Now TBAGary Remer Secrets of the Jewish Calendar TBAYochanan Rivkin The Four Questions of Passover (Or, Why is This Limmud Session Different From Every Other Session?) TBAMendel Rivkin The Holocaust 70 Plus Years On: What Have We Learned? TBASteven Leonard Jacobs The Incredible Og and Why You Can't Trust a Giant TBAJosh Lichtman Games Jewish Children Played Long Ago TBAMelanie Ehrlich I Am the Story! Inside a Jewish Folktale TBAToby David Israeli Dancing for Kids TBAElliott Raisen Let's Make Passover Crafts! TBAIrit Sirkes Music with Meryl TBAMeryl Zimmerman PJ Library Passover Fun TBABonnie Lustig Thoughtful Tots: Mindfulness for Children TBARachel Lazarus Eriksen




Saturday, March 17